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by Carol Snyder on 09/27/11

Last week we gave a seminar on this topic and we thought you'd be interested in a summary of the key points.  Here we go...

  • Clean lines
  • Straight legs
  • Wooden pieces with consistent tone within a room
  • Use of wood tones like dark walnut, instead of reddish cherry or reddish mahogany
  • Fabrics with less pattern and fewer color combinations
  • Upholstery with less tufting and fewer curves, but with exposed legs
  • Absence of alot of fringe and trim, although flat braid is popular
  • Pillows, where needed, are larger and fewer in number
  • Plain tone carpet with geometric patterns
  • Shorter, tighter, flat weave broadloom carpet
  • For windows, lots of stationary side panels hung from simple wood or metal poles.  Lighter weight fabric
  • Using sheer, unlined fabric
  • No polished brass in favor of chrome and dark bronze
  • Lampshades look like barreled drums with no tapering or pleats, much like the look in the fifties
  • Traditional crystal and brass multi-arm chandeliers are replaced with more eclectic shaped fixtures with fewer tiers. The drops are wood, metal or smooth oversized glass crystal.

Do we love all of these elements used strictly in one room?  No.  The challenge is always to weave some, but not all, into a room that can handle them and into a house with an overall style that can accept these elements.  Otherwise, in 5 years or so, the room will have that passe, "they must have drank the Restoration Hardware Catalog kool-aid" look.

Watch for my next blog.     Carol


by Carol Snyder on 09/07/11

Design trends come and go, but the keys to good room design are: proper scale, balance, function, and mixing elements to create a level of tension that is pleasing to the eye.  Having said all that, you can't swing a dead cat right now without hearing the term "transitional" design.  Heck, we even used the word on the home page of this website.  But we never use every characteristic of it in one room or we risk the type of overload one experiences when trying to digest the entire Restoration Hardware catalog in one sitting.  All that brown, grey and driftwood.  It's like going back to the days of black and white TV.  Anyway, thought you might be wondering what defines this look.  On Saturday 9/17 at 3:00 pm, we will be holding a workshop at the Point Pleasant Village Designer House at 35 River Road in Pt.Pleasant Pa.  This will be one of the topics we cover.  If you tour the Design House, you are entitled to free entry to the workshop.  Hope to see you there. Watch for my next blog.         Carol.